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About Luminary Small Business Academy’s training and mentoring program
When you become a member of Luminary Small Business Academy’s training and mentoring program, you will have access to everything you need to accomplish your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.

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  • We guarantee that you will love our program, so you can try one of our packages for 7 days at no cost, with no obligation to continue. You may cancel anytime during the first 7 days with no charges.
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  •  All of our training and mentoring can be accessed via the internet, so all you need is a phone, mobile device, or computer to participate. 
This is a one-time offer. Be sure to sign up for your free trial now before our prices increase!

If you need help registering, please contact us at or WhatsApp us at +1-720-629-6080. We are happy to help! You can learn more about Luminary by visiting our web-site at

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"With the help and training that Luminary is giving me, I can finally pursue my dreams of being a successful business man here in Africa."
“The training I’m getting from Luminary Small Business Academy has really helped me accomplish my dreams of having a successful small business.”
“I’m so excited to be part of Luminary’s training and mentoring program. They have already given me advice that has made me a lot more money with my business than the cost of the training program.”
“Luminary Small Business Academy has helped give me the confidence and skills I need to grow a successful small business.”
“I really like being able to ask help from Luminary’s small business experts, because they’ve been through it all before and are helping me avoid some of the mistakes that they made along the way. I only wish I would have started sooner!”
“My experience with Luminary’s training and mentoring program has been amazing. I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable with my small business than I did before I started.”

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